Lisa G. OBrien

contemplative musings on transformational mysteries

The unanswerable question

Today, America watches in horror as a nightmare of unfathomable proportion plays out in front of our eyes. This morning started as any other December morning for the families in suburban Connecticut. Morning routines of breakfast, hair fixing, homework, buses, began in order to get everyone to school on time. In just a short time, that normalcy and their lives from today forward, was stopped in its tracks. As panic, heroism, first responders, parents, the media, and the world at large were swept into the chaos of the mornings events. Stories of a shooter or shooters opening fire on children in an elementary school begin to surface, change, and morph as answers are being sought faster than they can be confirmed.

In the coming days, investigators will put pieces of the puzzle together and tell the story that led to this tragic moment. The media will interview families as we watch them discover life altering news of unspeakable loss. Our nation will grieve with this community as questions are answered and more are born.

We will, however, be left with the one unanswerable question that will be expressed in different ways. It is already being asked on social media...

What kind of coward kills innocent children? Why? Who does something so unspeakably evil?

What kind of darkness lies in the heart of a human who could perform such horrific acts of evil and violence? The unanswerable question we will be left with in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead. We cannot, no matter how much investigation or research we do, know and understand what is inside a human heart.

We can actively seek out the evil in our own hearts and surrender that to a loving, generous, and transformative God. We can seek a supernatural intimacy that will continually transform the evil within us through love and grace. We can cling to a Divine Father in times of chaos as He anchors our souls.

My deepest sympathy and most sincere prayers go out to the families, schools, and community affected by this tragedy. My heart is moved with compassion for a nation that demands its antiquated rights to bear arms at any cost. My soul is torn over the evil that exists in the human heart, mine included.

We are left with an unanswerable question. My hope and prayer would be that we seek not the answer as diligently as we seek the Answer Giver. Oh, that our souls, at a time like this or any other, would cling to a compassionate Creator who grieves and mourns for and with us in the face of unspeakable tragedy.