Lisa G. OBrien

contemplative musings on transformational mysteries

Story Telling

I love to tell stories. I am coming to embrace my identity as a storyteller and learning to live openly and freely in that space. Recently, I had a friend ask, in a group setting, if I would tell her story because "she liked to hear the way I tell it better." Stories move us, compel us, inspire us, teach us, entertain us, motivate us, and touch us. They have the unique ability to move our souls in mysterious ways. Stories, throughout history, have woven the fabric of societies, culture, religion, politics, economics, and family.

The elements of a good story vary in the minds of many literary experts. Movie makers hold to varying shades of opinions about what creates a good visual story. Musicians express their storytelling abilities in a myriad of diverse ways. There are a host of creative vehicles that can be used to tell a good story.

In quiet spaces of solitude, I often think of the story God is trying to tell through my life. I formerly believed that I "was living a life that tells the story of God", but have gratefully been humbled from that opinion. I am coming to see that God is telling His own story of grace, mercy, and transformation, and my life just happens to be one of the many vehicles He is using.

So, as I see the story and Storyteller differently, I become curious about what story He is crafting. Too often we live our lives similar to the rude party guest that interrupts the Creator's storytelling by adding details and observations of our own. We want to influence the theme, divert the plot, manipulate the characters, control the tension, and demand the resolve.

God is telling a story through the vehicle of our lives that expresses His intense love, vulgar grace, beautiful mercy, and generous transformation. His grace is the theme that runs through every chapter, as we love, fail, celebrate, soar, cry, succeed, despair, and everything in between. He is not only the author of our stories, but He is the central character, plot, theme, and resolution.

How quickly and arrogantly I have mistaken myself as being central to the story of my life. What a grateful reminder it is that I am only a supporting actress in this story I am living. What freedom that brings as I surrender to this truth and embrace my role and play it well!