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Love Anyway!

Today is Maundy Thursday. That possibly means nothing to you, especially if you did not grow up in a traditional church. I understand completely.

I didn't grow up in church and Easter to me was about egg hunts and new shoes. It was, on special occasions, about new baby animals. It was always about time with family.

I have, however, been in relationship with Jesus for more years than I wasn't. Easter has begun to take on new meaning to me as I consider it from the perspective of my best friend. It was the end of His life and the pinnacle of his mission and purpose while on this earth.

Back to today, Maundy Thursday. You know the famous painting of the Last Supper where Jesus sits in the middle of a civilized group of men having a feast? Yeah, that is the historical moment that is remembered on Maundy Thursday.

I have a strong suspicion that the painting doesn't fully depict all that was happening at the table that Thursday night thousands of years ago. This was the last time Jesus would be around the table with His closest group of friends. He was trying to say goodbye to them.

He was also very aware that there was one at the table that in a very short time would betray Him with an act that would eventually lead to His death. I'm astounded by what He did that Thursday night so long ago. He loved Judas anyway.

I am humbly reminded how far my life is from actually resembling that of Jesus'. When I am aware of a betrayal or a potential betrayal, I do all sorts of things. I run, I hide, I protect, I defend, I fight, I attack, and I disappear. My first and primary choice is not usually to love anyway.

Most of the times, up to this point, none of those betrayals have involved murderous plots to actually take my life! And yet, I still find myself really far off from my immediate response to be love. I don't yet know what it looks like to look betrayal in the face and Love Anyway!

So today I honor with humility the sacredness of Maundy Thursday. Not just for the reminder of what Jesus was facing on our behalf. But for the beautiful reminder that in the face of betrayal by a dear and close friend, even to the point of death, He chose Love Anyway!



What is Leadership, really?

So many of you are leaders on a daily basis. Some of you lead in major corporations and businesses, others of you lead in quiet and simple spaces. Some of you lead in churches and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Some of you lead in innovative and creative start ups and others in aged and established systems.

Leadership is an integral part of human relationships. Whether that leadership is in your home with little people, in the community with social issues, or in the world through business. When we fully engage life, we are choosing to show up in the lives of other people.

Leadership has become a multi-million dollar business. We have defined it, redefined it, and clarified it some more. We have categorized it, monetized it, and programmized it. I know, that's not a word...moving on! ;)

Sometimes it helps me to just simplify something that is complex so I can look at it in a new way. Leadership is really about providing guidance and direction. Have you ever helped a stranger find their way? You stepped into leadership in that act. Have you ever guided a friend on which internet service to choose? Leadership!

If you are a parent you exercise your leadership muscles every day by guiding and directing little people into fully formed citizens of the world. If you've ever provided a simple act of kindness that turned someone's day around, you've exhibited leadership. If you have ever had a creative idea that has guided someone to a new perspective, you stepped into leadership.

It's a lot simpler than we make it out to be sometimes. Leadership has never been about a title, a position, or a paycheck. It has always been about the way you show up in relationship to other people. Leadership is way more about who you are than what you do!

Here is a little dose of Leadership inspiration for you today from TED Talks! Enjoy!

The Challenge of Invitation

A tall lonely mountain stands as if it has a story of it's own to tell. It's majestic and mysterious nature seems to speak without saying a word. It's very presence somehow expresses a universal invitation.

It's as if the mountain extends a hand of hospitality. "Come, any who are willing, and explore." The invitation seems to awaken souls and ignite curiosity for those brave enough to seek the mystery and treasure it holds.

One brave hiker appears at the base of the mountain. Her eyes fixed bravely on the top of the mountain. Her body and mind prepared for the journey ahead.

She stands in the open meadow at the base of the mountain. Slowly, she leans her head back and opens her arms wide, allowing the sun to soak deeply into her skin, bones, and blood. It's a mysterious communication about guidance, wisdom, and direction.

She inhales and exhales with all of who she is and enters the dark and shadowy forrest. Her journey through the forrest contains encounters with wildlife, difficult and narrow paths, and a deep determination.

Her climb eventually brings her to a clearing in the forrest of trees. She steps out into a high clearing consisting of a series of craggy rocks. The sun is shining brightly and invites her to a large rock to receive it's warmth.

The rest and warmth invite her to consider the path she just traveled. She lifts her chin for a moment to be surprised by the view. Her perspective has changed and she can see the world differently than when she began.

As she ponders the craggy rocks that move vertically to the highest point, she notices a small dash of life and color. Just a few inches from her, in the middle of a rocky floor, blooms a bright, exotic, and unusual flower. One like she's never seen.

She is enamored with the little flower and moves closer to examine it more carefully. She gently caresses it's deep green leaves to discover incredible texture. Her fingers walk delicately across the purple petals to discover the graduating color to the center of the flower.

Questions begin forming in her heart faster than she can consider them. How did this delicate flower find it's way this high on the mountain? How did it find life and nourishment here? 

The sharp contrast of this beautifully delicate flower against the harsh, cold rock face is such a delightful surprise. The mystery surrounding the flower becomes so deeply intriguing to the hiker. So, she chooses to stay a while and keep the flower company.

As the gentle breeze blew gently across the flower petals and leaves, it soaked it all in with hopeful breath. The flower swayed back and forth taking in all the beauty surrounding it. The little flower was so grateful for this astounding place to exist.

The sun felt so good and offered so much life. The blue sky above allowed the flower to continue it's eternal dreaming. The view across the landscape inspired the flower to consider hopeful exploration.

The little flower enjoyed the picture of the forrest of trees just beyond her place. She loved the strength and beauty of the craggy rocks around her. She celebrated the unique masterpiece of her beauty in the middle of all of it.

As the flower basked in the beauty of the trees, a lone hiker appeared just at the trees edge. The hiker approached with a friendly confidence to a rock just beside the flower. The flower considered the stranger as she basked on a nearby rock.

The hiker surveyed her surroundings and suddenly noticed the little flower. She approached with kindness and gently explored the little flower. She seemed to connect deeply to the existence of this unique masterpiece.

The flower was surprised by the delight she felt in being noticed and gently explored. The hiker seemed to respect and honor the unique masterpiece of the little flower. The surprising experience left the little flower feeling deeply satisfied and mysteriously full of life.

The hiker ponders the sacredness of this little flower and it's story of life. She pulls out a bottle of water from her bag and slowly shares it with this exotic new friend. Hoping it will provide life sustaining nourishment for the masterpiece.

She stands and stretches, considering the next leg of her journey. She kneels carefully beside the little flower and lovingly says,

"I don't know how you got here, little flower, and I don't know how you've survived. But, you are a one of a kind little miracle and I'm glad I met you. I hope that your beauty will always be respected and honored by all who come by. When storms come, wildlife intrude, or difficult seasons lie ahead of you, please know that I saw you. I honor and respect you for the masterpiece that you are! Your presence adds such beauty and wonder to this place. You are a mysterious little puzzle. I will always be grateful and different from the encounter I had with you!"

The flower noticed the hiker stand and stretch. It appeared she was preparing to move on. Suddenly the hiker was next to the little flower gently pouring water over the ground and into it's roots.

The water reached the little flowers roots and the little flower gratefully received all of the nourishment the generous hiker poured out. The flower could feel it's strength building. It could feel a new surge of life strengthening it's very being.

The hiker carefully kneels beside the flower and lovingly says,

"I don't know how you got here, little flower, and I don't know how you've survived. But, you are a one of a kind little miracle and I'm glad I met you. I hope that your beauty will always be respected and honored by all who come by. When storms come, wildlife intrude, or difficult seasons lie ahead of you, please know that I saw you. I honor and respect you for the masterpiece that you are! Your presence adds such beauty and wonder to this place. You are a mysterious little puzzle. I will always be grateful and different from the encounter I had with you!"

The flower, having already opened itself to receive the nourishment of the hiker's water, remained open. It soaked in every word, each deep meaning, and the love it was shared with. The little flower suddenly felt brighter, it's leaves deeper green and it's petals brighter purple. Life was mysteriously being poured into the little masterpiece that made it all the more beautiful.

The invitation of the mountain is for any brave enough to explore. The journey for some may look more like the hiker and for others more like the flower. In order for the exploration to begin, the invitation must be received and accepted with an open and willing heart.

The challenge of the invitation of the mountain is to explore all of it. For each of us to experience the journey as the hiker with all it's challenges, encounters, and wonders. But, for each of us to also experience the mountains invitation to be the flower in all it's wonder and mystery.

The opportunity to stand at the base of the mountain basking in the sun and traveling to the top with amazing views of the surrounding world is an opportunity to be transformed. The hiker is transformed by it's endurance, generosity, kindness, and openness. The flower is transformed by it's willingness to receive, it's ability to honor and celebrate the world around it, and it's confidence in shining to all who pass by.

They are both changed by responding to the challenge of invitation. They are both changed by taking the risk to see each other. Change is present when they choose to open up and be seen.

How much the hiker and the flower have to teach us! There is life and transformation waiting with each challenge of invitation. Be courageous today to respond!


I have such a curiosity about words and exploring the depths of their meanings. In the English language, some words have up to forty or more meanings. That kind of verbal complexity absolutely fires me up!

Part of the reasons writing, reading, and words fuel me is they are the ingredients of story. Story, in every form, carries so much power. Stories have the power to inspire, to teach, to emote, to entertain, to awaken, to guide, and so much more. Stories have the power to release something into the world that wasn't there before!

Every person we encounter is in the process of living a story. Some of us are conscious to it and some of us are not. Some of us step through life with intention and focus and others of us meander and wander. Either way a story is being woven every day.

If I'm being perfectly honest, sharing my story is not always the easiest thing. The world is not always a tender place of reception for the most vulnerable parts of us. My story has been received before with many reactions and not all of them have been pleasant.

But, if it's true that stories have the power to release something new in the world, it gets me curious about the idea of release. The word has several meanings, actually. One of them is "to free something from it's restraints." 

Telling our stories has the power to free something in us that has been restrained. 

Part of my story has been restrained inside of me for years. I have only let it out in little pockets of safe community or to trusted friends. Today is a day of release for that part of me that has been restrained.

I'm so excited (and terrified at the same time) to release my first book, Reflections of the Twelve Steps : A Companion to Freedom, on Amazon today. That part of my story receives it's freedom today from the restraints that have held it captive for so many years. My deepest prayer is that many who find themselves restrained by addictions, compulsions, and pain will find their way towards freedom.

I wonder what part of your story is being restrained inside of you. What would it look like for you to tell your story? What inside you needs to be freed from it's restraints? I would LOVE to hear your story today!

A Tribute to Robin Williams

I woke up this morning to the tragic news of Robin William's death. I was shocked and saddened, as was the rest of the world. Another life gone before it's time.

Robin Williams was a comedic genius, that is an unarguable truth. He had a gift to bring humor, connection, laughter, and joy to the world. He built a creative legacy that will carry on well beyond the years he lived.

His death is a sad loss to his family and friends. It is a sad loss to the world. His absence will be surely felt in the creative humor that will not be created and released.

I'm struck by the stories Robin never told. The secret stories he carried with him in silence. I'm curious today about the pain behind the humor, the darkness behind the laughter, and the isolation behind the fame. 

I'm curious today about his journey with addiction. I'm curious about the chains that bound him during his time here on earth. I'm curious about the things he believed to be true about himself, his life, and the world around him. 

I think Robin Williams found a beautiful way to love the world through humor. He saw into others through the things that made us laugh. He saw into humanity in a profound way and was able to bring laughter into our hearts.

Robin Williams, you loved us well through your life. Your personal brand of love will be missed. I hope that you received just a portion of the love you shared!

My heart is moved with compassion for this man who may never have known the powerfully positive impact he had on a generation. I'm stirred by this brilliant soul who may never have tasted peace. I'm saddened by this astounding man that may never have known his own value and worth. 

I'm reminded by this brilliant man how important it is to really SEE people. It's important that we SEE beyond what people do, what people make, and what they contribute. We must SEE our fellow humans for who they are.

Seeing someone, in ALL of their humanity, is a powerfully loving gift. When we choose to love someone enough to hear the stories they don't tell, to see the pain they can't express, and to bring light to the darkness they experience...We change the world! Even if just for that one person in that one moment!

When we love, we change the world!


Completion - It is Good!

There is always excitement at the starting line. The excitement easily fades to weariness at the half way point. Completion brings with it celebration!

Today is a day of completion for me. I have finally finished my first book. I have also received the official word that my certification is complete and I am a Professional Certified Coach.

Completing projects. Accomplishing goals. Achieving dreams. These are what comprise the stories of our lives.

Today I stand up to the voices that have said I am inconsistent, undisciplined, and unable to complete things. Today I look in the eye the lies that say that I can't finish things, I can't achieve my goals, and I can't see things to completion. Today I embrace the truth that I CAN.

Our potential is not determined by what the limiting voices and sabotaging lies say. Our potential is determined by the very essence of God in us. Our potential is set in stone by the Maker of the universe.

And so, I say farewell to you old lies, old voices, and old thoughts that say I can't! Today, by a power that is greater than me, I say :


I'm reminded of God as He spoke into existence the masterful mysteries of the universe. Every time He completed a piece of creation, He said, "It is good." He did this after every completion. When His work was all complete and He declared it all good, He rested.

Today, I follow in the footsteps of God. I step back and look at the mysterious masterpieces we have created and say with Him, "It is good." I take a breath and follow Him into rest!


Happy Birthday Wishes

When it's time to celebrate someone's birthday, especially a little someone, everyone asks them what they wish for. From the child who is about to blow out the four candles on the cake to the gorgeously mature woman whose cake looks like a forrest fire. Happy Birthday wishes are a delightful part of the celebrations.

My birthday is at the end of June and I am already thinking about my Happy Birthday wishes. What I really want is for my life to be about more than the possessions I own, the places I've been, and the people I know. I want my life to give life to others.

That is why I am excitedly choosing to dedicate my birthday to bringing clean water through Charity : Water. My birthday wish is for another village somewhere in the world to have access to clean water!


Last year together we raised $1117 that is now bringing clean water to a village in Rwanda. I want to celebrate my life again this year by providing life to others. I would love for you to join me!

I'm asking for involvement from everyone I know. Rather than buying me gifts, sending me cards, or taking me out to dinner I would love for you to focus that energy towards Charity : Water. I would love to have not a single card, gift, Facebook post, or diner invite on my birthday and instead provide a village with water!

Every penny of the money raised will directly fund clean water projects in developing countries. Even better, charity: water will show us exactly which projects we funded once they've been fully completed (which takes about 18 months). That means we'll know the locations and names of the communities we helped.

I want my life to bring life to others! Help me reach my goal. Join me on my birthday campaign!

That time I fell in love with a monk!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago entitled Be Here Now. The essence of it was about being intentionally present, soaking in each moment, and not missing anything. The power that came out of that simple reflection has been pretty massive in my waking life.

A funny thing happens when our hearts awaken to the world around us and we live wide awake! We notice things we didn't when our hearts were sleeping. We suddenly see the world in technicolor and find awesome discoveries along the way.

As I reflect back over the last few weeks, there are several highlights. They will each require their own space as their stories are unique. So, over the next few weeks, my heart will start to share the stories with you. 

This one is about that time I fell in love with a monk. It seems a funny way to start the story, as I'm giving away the ending. Maybe the circle is more full than I realized until now.

I guess it started several years ago. My family and I went to Spain and we visited an astounding Benedictine Abbey. There was something about that place that stirred a new curiosity in me. I discovered some new authors that opened a gateway into monastic writing and I was hooked!

Fast forward five years. I find myself sitting in Royal Albert Hall attending a Leadership event. The morning session looked to be an interview. 

The host began to introduce the guest as Brother Luigi, an Italian benedictine monk who is currently teaching theology in Rome. The stage was suddenly occupied by a man in brown shoes and trousers, a priestly collar, and an off-white jumper. My first thought was, "Oh, he's a street monk! I'm going to like him!"

The conversation that proceeded was full of humility, wisdom, and insight around authentic and transparent prayer. The conversation was full of laugher and Brother Luigi has a smile that can light up a continent. He smiles from his soul with a genuine love and joy I am not sure I have seen in this lifetime.

I'm not sure what Jesus' smile looks like, but I imagine it was reflected in the monk's smile that day! He shared his heart so freely and honestly. He didn't shame himself where he falls short. He was open and accepting of his own flaws, failures, and transformative process. He had a grace about him that he easily showed himself first. It was easy to see that it flowed out of him and extended to others with little to no effort.

I realized that with each word he spoke, each smile he unleashed, and each minute that passed, I found myself falling in love with a monk. This man lives from an honest and genuine soul that loves God authentically. He lives from a soul that loves people with a smile and laughter. He lives from a soul that is open to deep learning in the everyday.

I found myself drawn to him for all of those reasons. What's funny is when someone lives from an authentic place of identity and life pours out of them, I can't help but love them. The monk was no exception!

I didn't get to chat with Brother Luigi in London. I just loved him from afar. But, his life screamed some very loud messages. The loudest message his life spoke was "It is who we are that touches people first"

I'm curious about what the life we live everyday says to the world. If your life had a voice, what would it say?



Let It Be Said Of Me

I was recently in a conversation with someone about the end of our lives. Sounds a bit morbid, I know. But interestingly, the conversation took an unexpected turn that has inspired me deeply!

We were discussing what we would want to be said of us when we leave this life. We were asking deep questions about legacy and impact. What would be said of us when we are no longer available to speak for ourselves? 

What does the life we live say to the world about who we are? Big questions for a Friday morning, I know! But these are the questions that find their way into my consciousness on a regular basis.

The conversation turned from looking way out at the end of our lives to the immediacy of the choices we make today. We started to ponder how we make choices, love others, be present today in a way that says something about who we are becoming.  We considered the power of living a life that speaks for itself!

 I have been inspired by this conversation in a deeply resonant way. So, I HAVE to do something with it or it will disappear like the steam out of the kettle after it’s boiled. My creativity has sparked an idea that moves this from me to WE. I’d love to invite you in.

I'm curious about what your life says to the world about who you are. What do you want to be said of you and the life you lived? What do you want to be said of you?

Let’s make May a month of visioning. A month where we focus on the life that we want to live, were created to live, and long to live. Let’s consider what we want to be said of us at the end and live that life NOW!

Join me on Twitter or Facebook for a month of sharing who we are becoming as we live a life that speaks for itself! #letitbesaidofme

Be Here Now

I have been in a season of learning since January. I am working to complete my professional coaching certification. It has been an intense journey of both personal and professional learning and development.

Some seasons in life require intense focus and attention. They also require us to set aside some things we really love in order to accomplish the task at hand. This has been true for me with creativity and writing during this season.

I have passed the halfway mark of my training and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing the end has reminded me that this is just a temporary season. It's just a chapter in my life, not the whole story.

I am noticing an awakening happening in me as I get closer to the end. I am observing subtle hints that the creative and energetic parts of me that have had to step aside for this season are ready to be activated again. I am noticing a new surge of ideas and creativity beginning to emerge.

It reminds me of the beautiful truth that we, as humans, are complex and multidimensional beings. There is so much more to us that we can ever know, contain, or control. We are made in the image of the One who holds eternity.

We can get so lost in the complexity of living that we forget to actually live. It's a strange irony, really. We work, try, plan, focus, achieve, organize, and manage our lives, but we neglect to live them. We neglect being in our lives and soaking in the beauty of it all.

I woke up this morning with the realization that I have two epic weekends ahead of me. These will be two weekends that become memorable markers that I store in my soul for years. I have been so distracted by life that I forgot I was living.....right now!

What I really want for the next two weekends is to be fully present. I want to be engaged in my life in each and every moment. I want to be drinking in every second with all that I am. I want to miss nothing!

This kind of living takes intention. Unfortunately, humans don't stumble into intentional presence. It is something we must embrace, lean into, develop, and seize.

Intentional presence is about being here now. Our hearts and minds can get easily lost int he past and we find ourselves living there. We can also get so enamored by the future that we find ourselves living there consistently. Living our lives to the fullest issues the most beautiful invitation. It invites us to Be Here Now.

I'm curious about what it looks like for you to Be Here Now?



We Belong Here!

Paris is Spring. Texas in Winter. Colorado in Autumn. These all make sense and call us to a desire for experience, don't they?

Chicago in Winter. Hmmm? It just doesn't hold the same desire.

024 (3).JPG

And yet, Chicago in Winter was the setting for our most recent Destiny Project. A mansion in a remote part of western Illinois created the backdrop for an epic drama to unfold in the hearts of women. It was here that 16 strangers entered the room, greeted by a team of 6, and quickly found a place of belonging.

The kitchen was filled with the aroma of soup warming in crock pots and the sound of female voices filled with anxious anticipation. The evening session began with a roaring fire that filled the space with a warm invitation to be together. Introductions spilled out of nervous hearts and deep connections began to form in the discomfort.

This group quickly created an environment that was open and genuine. There was a mysterious absence of that ever present beast of comparison and competition that seems to find it's way into feminine spaces. This group also quickly created a space that was free of judgement and invited women to bring what they had in a spontaneous way.

Women surprisingly began presenting benevolent and lavish gifts on each other. There were handmade scarves, delicious baked goods, gemstones, hand crafted gifts, hearts filled with scripture, and more that the women had brought each other. It was almost as if a memo had gone out without the team's awareness!

We were all swept into a sacred summons to receive deeply and generously, from each other and God, during our time together. This was the perfect platform from which to dive into our dreams and explore. The group seemed to be armed with ferocious courage as they navigated the land of their dreams with each other.

An interesting dynamic unique to this particular group of women was the experience of sisterhood. The group actually contained two sets of sisters and it interestingly granted permission for the group to collectively step into a unique climate of sisterhood. This climate empowered the group to see and be seen by each other in astounding and miraculous ways.

Each session progressively allowed the women to walk through the jello like experience of resistance into a free and clear space of understanding and verbalizing their unique identities. Our time together seemed to mysteriously create space for new life and we were watching it slowly begin to emerge from the hearts of each woman. It was as if, in our shared experience, we created a cocoon where these brave women entered into the gooey discomfort of transformation in the process of becoming truer versions of themselves.

The tools of  Destiny Project created a foundation for these women to stand confidently in their unique identities and understand in deeper ways how to live that out in their real lives. The brilliance and power of this particular group seemed to light a raging fire across the cold landscape of wintery Illinois that burns into eternity. As our time together moved closer to the end, there was a collective sigh at the thought of leaving this sacred space.

Our time together concluded with each voice declaring who they are and what they bring to the world. Voices that loudly reclaimed connection to the sacred beauty of true community, motherhood, leadership, and even the darker sides of themselves. Voices that expressed deep healing, new life, bold actions, a lighter load, and new insight.

If this particular group had a voice, I think they would sum up their Destiny Project experience with this phrase....

"We are welcome here! What we have to bring to the world is important! We belong here!"

Confessions of an Anti-Valentine's Day Woman

That's right. I'm finding the courage today to put my opposition out there. I am a woman, loved well by God and family, who really does not like Valentine's Day.

Now, hear me on this....I LOVE love! I love romantic gestures. I adore those beautiful moments where love is expressed in tangible ways.


I suppose my opposition began when I watched very unloving people give lavish gifts on Valentines Day. I noticed the disingenuous nature of empty and obligatory expressions of love. It fell so flat to what my heart could feel was an honest expression of true love.

Early on in my dating relationship with my husband (who happens to be a hopeless romantic), I expressed my opposition to a commercialized reminder to express his love to me one day a year. His disappointment and confusion was obvious. It led, however, to great conversations around how we express genuine love in spontaneous and thoughtful ways on the 364 other days of the year.

I have just always had this deep craving for expressions of love to be done in unique, individual, and spontaneous ways. Nothing fills my heart more than fresh flowers for no reasons other than someone was thinking about me...on a random Wednesday. I enjoy a romantic dinner at home or in a restaurant with just me and my love. I adore the simple and sweet expression of love in the offering of an organic dark chocolate bar any day of the week....for no reason. I adore thoughtful, sentimental, and heartfelt gifts throughout the year that are simple reminders of love.

I enjoy the idea of having a day that celebrates love. I respect men and women who go out of their way to find and create individual and personal ways to express their love. I adore the hearts that find life in sentimentality and romance.

I think the thing I really crave is a world that celebrates love everyday. I'm curious about a world that integrates the idea of Valentine's Day into a regular way of living. I'm hungry for true expressions of heartfelt love 365 days a year! 

I like the idea of adopting a lifestyle of LOVE. A lifestyle where we find big and small ways to express our love everyday. A lifestyle that empowers us to be as loving to those we know as we are to those we don't know.

I have a real hunger to live a life of love. A life that impacts others in a way that communicates their value and worth. I desire to live in such a loving way that somehow my presence mysteriously communicates love to those I am around. 

I wonder today, whatever your stance on Valentine's Day, how you express love. How does your life communicate love? 

Deep Craving

Do you ever just get a real craving for something? You know that kind of unquenchable hunger that will not be satisfied with anything but the thing you're craving. Yeah, I have one of those right now! My craving? The sun.


I just want to see it high in the sky for hours. I want to feel the warmth of it on my skin. I want to enjoy the heat it provides.

Living much farther north on the globe is giving me a fresh experience of separation from my beloved friend, the sun.  The loss is visceral and its starting to get grim. I almost feel I'm being swallowed by the darkness.

It's got me thinking about how much levity sunshine provides. It makes going outside enjoyable, it brightens our mood, it makes hope somehow easier to find, and it fuels us with energy. Sunshine seems to somehow invite ease.

While darkness, day after day for months, has the exact opposite effect. It makes everything feel heavy, slow, hopeless, burdensome, and difficult. Darkness finds a way to suck the life right out of us, completely unaware.

Our physical bodies have such strong reactions to changes in light and climate. I'm curious how true that is of our souls as well. How do our souls respond to light and darkness?

Our souls experience both light and darkness along our journey. They often time crave for light in the middle of very dark seasons. If we listen really carefully, we can hear our souls cry out for just a little peak at the sun.

I know the clarity of my soul being in the full light of grace. Everything there is light, free, smooth, and effortless. My soul is able to find such true and honest expression of itself in ways that impact the world, completely unaware.

My soul also knows, all too well, the darkness that seems to hunt it so fervently. The dark places feel like hope cannot be found, if indeed, it ever existed. I can lose the plot of my life and forget my name in a swift breath.

As my body craves sunlight in a ravenous way, I realize that if I listen carefully so does my soul. My soul longs to find that spot in the light where things are innocent, uncomplicated, and clear. It desires a carefree moment of free spirited spinning in the light of grace.

What about you? What is your soul craving? What need is that craving trying to meet?

Just a Word

Words and their meaning are such an important part of my existence. I think language carries with it such precise ability to penetrate the heart. Words can shape a life, guide a soul, heal a heart, and so much more.

As a spiritual director, I tune in very directly to the language people use to describe their spiritual journey, their relationship with God, and their framework of thinking around their soul. I have a confession. There are many words that we use that do not clarify, but confuse.


There is a word that I have heard several times over recently. Whether through clients, friends, or others, I have encountered the word abundant this week. Mostly, it seems, in reference to a scripture found in John 10:10 that says:

I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.

The word abundant seems to imply a bountiful supply. It’s got me curious about a bountiful supply of life and what that looks like. How does that present itself in my life?

Honestly, there are seasons where I find myself with a bountiful supply of confusion, frustration, fear, or loneliness. That doesn’t really match up with my ideal of the “bountiful supply” I’d like to show up in my life. How about you?

One thing I know about the journey of our souls is that it always contains an element of mystery. The arena of the soul is intangible. Things just don’t always add up and make sense to our rational brain.

It’s got me curious if the abundant life God promised is less about our expectations, ideals, and desires and more about life by His definition. What if the bountiful supply He was describing is about our learning, our growing, and our giving? What if that word holds a different meaning?

What if a bountiful supply of confusion brings more peace into our lives? What if a bountiful supply of relational tension brings more grace into our lives? What if a bountiful supply of pain brings more forgiveness into our lives?

God does not operate the same way we do. The idea that He is a big scary guy in the sky who expects us to act in certain ways is off center. He doesn’t put demands on us, ask us to perform, and then throws us a bone for our trouble.

He’s actually a tender hearted father who cares deeply for the growth, maturing, and development of His kids. He wants to see us grow up into the people we were created to be and to change the world. Sometimes, as with our own kids, that growth comes with some bumps and brusises.

Life, by God’s definition, is one filled with love, grace, forgiveness, and kindness. Life, by His definition, is completely about relationship. It is about relationships that give life, fuel growth, and generate transformation.

What if the abundant life God promised us is about a bountiful supply of transformation delivered in mysterious packages? Packages like:

Marital conflict
Health issues
Job Loss

What if a bountiful supply of those things leads us to the kind of life God dreams for us? A life filled with love and grace and fueled by life giving relationships. It’s funny what you can find in a word when you just get curious!


Hunker Down

It's winter and in my corner of the world that means very short, cold, and wet days and lots of them. Honestly, this Austin girl desires sunshine and a warm ramble through nature. I realize that it's going to be a while before that happens.

Today, I craved adventure and started to research some fun exploration for my family and myself. I came to find that everything is closed for the winter. Literally! Every interesting castle and estate I looked at is closed for two more months.

I had a brief moment of insanity and screamed, "I DON"T WANT TO HUNKER DOWN FOR WINTER! I WANT TO SEE SOME SUNSHINE! I WANT TO EXPLORE!" I felt much better as the insanity left me and then I had an intense moment of curiosity. What does the phrase "hunker down" really mean?

I immediately went to explore the words and phrase. I mean, if I can't explore nature then the second best thing is words, right? I was struck by the meaning:

To sit down on your heels

To make yourself comfortable in a place or situation, or to prepare to stay in a place or position, for a long time, usually in order to achieve something or for protection.

Words, once again, mysteriously move me to consider something from a different perspective. This phrase has two meanings that both carry very different energy and attitude. Think about it.

If I choose the hunker down perspective of sitting on my heels, it creates a limited experience. Sitting on my heels doesn't allow much movement, flexibility, or variety. It also means that in a very short time, I am going to be experiencing serious pains from my limbs falling asleep and cut off circulation.

If, on the other hand, I choose the latter definition as my perspective, all kinds of possibilities open up to me! I make myself comfortable, I can settle into a place, and I even have the potential of achieving something. That sounds a lot more appealing than the last option.

It's interesting how the slightest shift in definition and perspective can open up unlimited possibilities in our lives. Sometimes we can get so stuck in the stories we tell ourselves. Strangely, they are more often than not, our own mind playing games with us that just keep us stuck! 

With this shift in perspective, I now have the choice on how I see the next two months. I can choose to sit on my heels and belly ache about the cold, dark, and wet sky that limits my ability to explore. I can also choose to make myself comfortable and set out to achieve something while the sun hangs low in the sky.

I'm curious about you. Where are you hunkering down in your life? Which perspective are you choosing? What possibilities are available to you if you choose a new perspective?


Hundred Days of Darkness

Oh sunshine, how my heart beats for you
just a glance from you is like air in my lungs
the warmth of your embrace comforts my soul
a simple touch from you sets my skin on fire

Why, then, must you go and leave me this way
your absence can be felt deep in my very bones
my veins turn cold and threaten to pause their flow
my skin opens as if to shed tears of grief 

One hundred days is quite a long absence
the shortness of each one seem to be closing in on me
The quick moments you appear peeking low in the sky 
are just not enough for my greedy, cold heart

The clock ticks and time passes slowly
the sky shares my grief and sheds tears for you 
it’s crying, it seems, may never stop
the whole earth is filled with a shared longing

Oh sunshine, come back to me quickly
fill my lungs with breath that gives life
burn hope into my skin with your touch
warm my soul from high in the sky

Transformation over Resolution

With the fun memories of Christmas behind us, New Years is just around the corner. I am not really a New Year’s resolution kind of girl. Resolutions are nothing more than a test of will power…and I always fail the test.

This time of year begins to beg our attention towards the new year. The slowed pace of the holidays allows us the space and pace we need to connect to the quiet places inside ourselves. Our souls begin to whisper to us the things we see that need to be different in our lives.


Our common action is to resolve to make this change or that, but most of the things we are resolving to change hold mysterious power over us in our lives. We often see the thing that needs the biggest change first. Think about it. 

If I’m in insurmountable debt due to my irresponsible financial choices, greed, or shopping addiction, it is going to take more than a resolution to make a real change and dig my way out of debt. If my marriage is falling apart because of unhealthy choices, communication, relational habits, or neglect, it is going to take way more than a resolution to rebuild a loving and trusting marriage relationship. If I’m drowning in an addiction, known or secret, or even drowning in denial about the addiction, it is going to take more than writing a resolution on a piece of paper to bring me freedom and healing.

I hold more tightly to the idea of transformation. Day by day choices that birth deep transformation in our character, our relationships, and our lives.  Transformation has the ability to invite hope, healing, and freedom into our life. Transformation leads us down the path to becoming the person we were created to be. I choose transformation over resolution every time.

I believe that we were made to live free, peaceful, hopeful, and powerful lives. We just get lost in the chaos of this life. I’m not convinced resolutions make that change in our lives. When we make intentional choices towards transformation day by day, we experience transformation and it leads us to our truest self.

If we are looking to make some REAL changes in our lives this year, maybe we could try something new. What if we don’t resolve to make changes? What if we commit to transformation instead?

What if you chose transformation over resolution this year? What could be different for you? 

Just Before Break Through

One of the things I love about the work I do is that I get a front seat to some serious life change! Some days I feel like God just pulls out the best recliner, hands me a blanket and some popcorn, and invites me to watch the show. I get to watch miraculous moments unfold in the hearts and souls of people on a regular basis.

I am coming to believe that every human soul is on a quest for breakthrough. It is sometimes applied to business, education, relationships, health, family, and even dreams. There is this deep universal cry for break through in each of our lives.


I recently came across an astounding and brave character. Chuck Yeager, a highly decorated US Air Force General. He began his military career as a private in the second world war and went on to be the first pilot to break the sound barrier. 

I was drawn in by his story and his accomplishments. Then a moment came in the video that literally took my breath away. He said something I will not soon forget, especially as it applies to the work I do.

He said, “Just before you break through the sound barrier is when the cock pit shakes the most.”

What a profoundly true statement. Not only as it applies to a plane breaking the sound barrier, but to the soul seeking it’s own brand of breakthrough. It is often just before we reach our goals, just at the threshold of our dreams, and right on the edge of break through that the cock pit of our life and soul shakes the most!

Ask any leader, pioneer, innovator, or entrepreneur if this is true. Nine times out of ten they will tell you dramatic stories involving the upside down, topsy turvy shaking of the cock pit of their mission just before they experienced breakthrough. In order to break the barriers in our life, we have to be prepared for the shaking that precedes.

For those that desire to go wider and deeper in their spiritual journey, they must feel the shaking. For those who are longing for stability and intimacy in their relationships, they must be prepared for the shaking. For those attempting to create, innovate, and lead change, they have to experience the shaking of the cock pit.

I hear people who are interested in being liberated. I speak to people who crave a break through. I listen to people cry out for transformation. I see souls longing to be expanded, developed, and empowered.

God's ways are most definitely mysterious. They are not our ways. He finds a way to lead us down these unexplained journeys and He does it with grace.

Grace has a way of leading us towards harmony and resolve in our souls. We just need to follow Grace and stay one step behind it. We have to find the patience, peace, and perseverance to follow the mystery.

I suppose our journey is not much different from the one Chuck Yeager took the day he broke through the sound barrier. We have to face the journey with courage. We have to be prepared and equipped. We also have to be ready for the shaking that comes just before break through.

What is the break through you are seeking? What does it look like to follow grace? Where are you experiencing the shaking in your life?

Deep Work of Our Soul

A Sacred place is where your soul goes to connect deeply. It’s a place where the distractions of this world seem to fade away. A place where your heart and soul expand with life. It’s a place that can be found in the practice of solitude.

The place can be an actual location. It can be in relationship. It can even be in the quiet of your own spirit.

Sacred places are an important part of our spiritual formation, maturity, and development. They provide us retreat, inspiration, and breath when it is most needed on our journey. They create a space for the deep work of our souls.


I see a common theme among many of my spiritual direction clients. It’s a theme of constant movement. There seems to be an epidemic of the human soul in constant motion.

Where do we think we are going? What are we trying to achieve? Why do we feel the need to always be moving?

Solitude is a very neglected discipline in today’s fast paced culture. We often shy away, or run away, from the practice and even idea of solitude. I’m curious about our practice of desiring, praying, and striving for the very thing solitude provides, while avoiding solitude completely. 

It’s as if our souls have adopted the convenience mentality. Our souls desire to be developed, but are looking for a shortcut. Our hearts long to be discovered, but we seek a microwave solution. We crave real growth and maturity, but want to receive it in a drive through scenario.

Solitude is important to our soul’s journey for a few reasons. It creates a space for us to listen, to rest, and to connect. It provides us the very things we are so busy trying to achieve, receive, and find with all our frantic movement.

So, how do we find it? How do we start to learn to practice solitude? What does it look like?

I’d love to suggest a few things to think about as you consider solitude.

Stop - There’s a rhythm that our souls are trying to find on this journey. It could be compared to a long road trip. The rhythm to a road trip includes forward movement and consistent stopping. Solitude becomes to our soul like a filling station on a long highway or a pit stop on a long and intense race. When our soul's rhythm is always moving, we will eventually run out of gas. The first step to finding solitude is to actually stop moving, working, and striving. What does it look like to find the pause button for your soul?

Unplug - We are so connected through technology and are able to fill every single second of our lives. Solitude invites us to disconnect from all that noise and connect to the deepest parts of ourselves. It allows us to listen to the cries of our soul that are being drowned out by the constant noise. We are able to connect intimately with our Maker, letting Him fill the silence we create for him. He is able to share deep mysteries, untold secrets, and profound truths with our hearts. This essential act of unplugging begins to make more available to us. What does it look like for you to unplug?

Still - Learning to enter into solitude and be with what we find, is a process. Sometimes we see clearly the weariness of our own soul and it frightens us. Sometimes we run into the ways that weariness seeps out destructively in relationships and we want to turn away. Sometimes we come face to face with a profound loneliness that our soul feels when we find stillness. Something profound happens in us when we are courageous enough to just be still. We allow and invite God to do the work in us that only He can do! Be brave enough to find out who you are when you are completely still before your Maker.

 Receive - Our souls have legitimate needs on this journey called life. The truth is, life has left many of us with weary and exhausted souls. They are tired and battered. Our ability to connect, love, trust, give, and receive are deeply impacted by the unseen weariness of our souls. In all honesty, our souls have a desperate need to receive and receive deeply. We find “snacks” for our souls deep need in books, activities, sermons, acts of service, inspirational quotes, relationships, and many other places. Yet the real need for sustenance in our soul goes unmet by neglecting solitude. What does your soul most deeply need to receive?

I’m reminded of a beautiful scripture written by Moses. The moment is one of profound need and weariness. One that speaks to us today.

The people of Israel had escaped slavery in Egypt through miraculous intervention. They found themselves with the Red Sea ahead of them and the whole of the Egyptian army in pursuit behind them. They started to panic! They were screaming, complaining, becoming angry, strategizing, devising plans, and desperate for a way out. Moses said this,

“Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today……The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.”

I wonder, what deep need are you chasing after with a fury? What battle are you trying to win for yourself? What does it look like to just be still?

5 best lessons from my kids

Anyone who has ever prepared to bring a child into the world knows the one thing that does not arrive with the baby. An owners manual. A car seat, a baby blanket, and a diaper bag is all that is required as the nurse wheels mother and child to the curb.

I have been parenting now for almost 18 years and I have learned a lot along the way. Some lessons have been simple and straightforward and others complex and twisted. I have read hundreds of books on child development theory, relational advice, family system theories, basic discipline advice, and anything and everything in between.

I wish those books were read because of an insatiable desire for knowledge. Honesty requires me to admit they were read because of sheer ignorance. I had absolutely no idea how to parent the two souls entrusted to me 18 years ago (and still don’t!).

But, if I step back and take a look at my journey as a parent, I think my greatest teachers have been my kids. They have been such good sports as kids whose parents admit, on a regular basis, that we have no idea what we are doing! They’ve also been graciously generous in offering up their own brand of advice that has proved to be foundational in our family. 

Here are the 5 best lessons my kids taught me. They are great lessons for parenting. I think they can also be applied in business, marriage, leadership, neighborhoods, churches, politics, and anywhere else there are people. 


1. Respect goes both ways.


I clearly remember the day my sassy little three year old stuck her finger in my face and told me off. I don’t remember what had her in such a rage, but I do remember that little finger waving frantically in my face. I took a deep breath (mostly to keep from laughing!) and considered my response. 

It didn’t take a genius to measure the level of disrespect that was being hurled my way. My first instinct was a thought that had me grabbing her finger, pointing it back in her face, and telling her off for treating me that way. I decided instead to give her what I was wanting in that moment…respect.

I calmly explained to her that I would be happy to listen to her complaint if she would kindly take her finger out of my face, lower her voice, and find a way to speak kindly to me. She somehow found her way to a more respectful expression of whatever she was wanting and we moved forward. She taught me that day that respect goes both ways.

Demanding respect from my three year old, in that instance, would not have helped her to be respectful. Offering her respect, when she was offering none, was a far more effective way of inviting respect into our relationship. Treating our kids, no matter how small, with respect models for them respectful relationships.


2. True apologies build trust.


One of the hardest parts of parenting young kids, for me, was the sibling rivalry. My heart would break open wide with my kids fighting and the pull to play referee almost did me in! I found some good books that equipped me and I got creative in my parenting during that season.

I used a little exercise called “Knee to Knee.” To this day, my teenagers shudder when they hear that! When they would argue, pick, and fight with each other, I would require them to have a “Knee to Knee.”

They would sit facing each other, knees touching, and offer true apologies to each other. When they were really young, I would script it for them. My scripts read something like, “Oh dearest sister of mine, favorite sibling, I am deeply sorry for being disrespectful to you. I can imagine how that hurt your feelings. You are a gift that I treasure and I love you. Will you please forgive me?”

The laughter of the scripted reply usually served to dispel any lingering tension. It also taught them how to offer a heart felt apology. They quickly learned the essence of a true apology and begged to say it “with their own words.” As I watched them practice this over the course of several years, they taught me that true apologies build trust.

As they got older, sibling rivalry turned to parental conflict. My husband and I suddenly had the opportunity to extend heart felt apologies for the ways we were choosing disrespect, being judgmental, speaking harshly, or relating selfishly. Our kids responded to true apologies with forgiveness, empathy, and kindness. Trust is built with every single apology I offer them.


3. Kindness always helps.


My son, when he was little, had a very low voice and spoke a bit like Elmer Fudd. I relished in the days when he was home alone and he narrated his whole life in that cute little voice all day long. His companionship was as enjoyable as it was entertaining.

As a young mom, there were certainly days (and even seasons) that were just harder than others. I can remember one particular day that my emotions flooded out in a true expression of my heart and tears rolled freely down my cheeks. My sweet little man climbed up into my lap, patted my face with his chubby hand, and said, “id ok mama, I’ww take cawe a you.”

He didn't really care why I was crying and he didn’t try to solve any problem or fix anything for me. He just sat there with me and helped the only way he knew how. He taught me that day that kindness always helps

There have been many opportunities in his life to reciprocate and offer him kindness on the hard days. I resist the urge to solve and fix, I stop myself from lecturing (when I can!) and I just sit with him and offer him kindness. Sometimes, in the life of a kid, solutions, demands, lectures, and answers aren’t actually the help they need, but kindness always helps.


4. Mistrust breeds rebellion.


When my kids were young and in the “Golden Years”, I remember telling them (when we would see groups of rebellious teenagers), “Please don’t be punks when you get older.” Their sweet little smiles agreed with me and promises were made that they would not be punks when they were teenagers.

Rebellion is in my DNA and adolescence only amplified it. I was certain that my payback would arrive in the form of my own rebellious teenagers. It seemed an inevitable, and slightly deserved, fate for me given my own journey through adolescence.

I distinctly remember a conversation with my daughter when she was 13 years old. She wanted to do something social that her dad and I were not entirely sure about. We were wavering on not allowing her to go because we didn’t totally trust the situation. 

She, very boldly and respectfully, explained to us that we were great parents and had taught her how to make wise choices. She went on to say, “At some point, you guys have to trust me in any situation. You have to trust me to grow and be independent. If you choose to mistrust me, you will plant seeds of rebellion in me.”

More wise words have never been spoken. I hadn’t ever considered how I, as a parent, could actually sow seeds of rebellion in my kids. My daughter taught me that day that mistrust breeds rebellion.

I hadn’t found that lesson in any book written by experts. I hadn’t been taught that lesson anywhere in my life. But, what a gift, to have it uttered from the mouth of my own teenager at the perfect moment.


5. Hard conversations open doors.


Parenting becomes one of two roads. It can be a dance around every difficult subject through distraction, make believe,  or avoidance. Or it can be an open forum of discussion where every subject is welcome.

Maybe because we were young parents, maybe because we craved it ourselves, or maybe because of divine intervention, we chose the later. Our family has been built on the foundation that there is no subject deemed "inappropriate” for conversation. I will say, in hindsight, that was certainly not the easy road.

We were THAT family! You know the one. The one whose kids kindly “educated” the neighbors and classmates on the reality of Santa Claus, where babies come from, what parents do to fish who die, proper anatomical names for body parts, and SO much more!

Having conversations about God, faith, and eternity with a three year old is complicated. Discussing sexuality with a six year old is delicate, awkward, and complex. Sharing thoughts and truths about healthy relationships with a 9 year old is exhausting. Communicating about character, choices, and morality with a 12 year old is difficult to navigate.

One thing that became apparent as I was drowning in open conversations with little people, was that there is value in teaching kids. Allowing my kids to ask any question and honoring them by giving honest answers taught all of us a lot over the years. I was finding all kinds of open doors into deeper relationship with my kids through each conversation.

Whenever they were brave enough to ask the hard question and we were brave enough to give an honest answer, our relationships seemed to deepen. We started to find our kids sharing delicate, intimate, and tender parts of their hearts rather freely. They taught me that hard conversations open doors.


I’m grateful for research that clarifies the stages of development humans progress through life. I’m glad to have plenty of parenting and relationship experts share their advice and experience. But my best teachers, these 18 years, have been my kids as they generously share their unique versions of wisdom, grace, and love with me every day.

I'm also astounded at how these five simple lessons could make a major impact in other areas of life. If we apply them to other areas of our lives, they carry some real possibility! It really is sometimes the most simple things that can make the biggest change.

How can these lessons make a difference in your life? What lessons are kids in your life teaching you? What other places do you find unexpected lessons?